Hayley Williams [paramore] REBIRTH


this thread has all the previous work that myself and a friend HAD he then decided to go mac but i wish to try again, im just trying to find a way to de-bug the engine so that all models will appear t-pose an then the rest will be done quickly

You have my support :smiley:

new delay… anyone who cares about the model being made… my new kitten has totaly killed my second laptop charger so i can’t work on this or anything else until i have a new one or it’s repaired

To be honest, it would be better if you just made your own. The image of her portrayed in World Tour is a horrible representation in my opinion. Her bangs are/were rarely ever like that. I really wish they used a different look. I always thought her misery business look was her most fitting and “iconic” look. But that’s just my two cents.

well to be honest she decided about how she acted, all through mo-cap they just told her try act natural an well thats how she claims the mo-cap has made the character look

Super, Freakycool, Awesome, Omg, Wtf, BBQ, and all that stuff, you are my hero!
Hope the charger is fixed soon!

just a slight over reaction… and yes because my mother is amazing i have, my charger is better and working… but i still need to find a way to crack the model files as when we had 3dx ripped she was a bitch to rig

You guys have my total support on this. Even if its not the best textured it will still be epic, I mean come on it’s Hayley Williams. Anyways hope its released soon.

I think this is dead.

If it is, it’s a pity. I had an orgasm when I read “Hayley Williams” in the models thread… well not really, but let’s just say I could die happy if someone made such a model xD

Hahah! Same here…

U’r bloody right.

yeah this is dead till i can find a way to kill the xen files of ghwt

hehe urr admins do not kill! i’m just posting here because im calling to anyone i may have sent the model to as i am in a position to possibly rig and compile for gmod and L4D/L4D2 it’s just i either have to re-rip it and sort everything out AGAIN -.- or if i sent it to anyone if they can send it back so i can finish it off :slight_smile: