Hazmat guy holding off clots




I can hardly tell what’s going on because of how blurry and desaturized it is.

“REMINDS ME OF A BUNCH’A PIKEYS!” Really nice, the bonus and the first pic are awesome.

The second picture, his arm is stiff as hell, and it’s pretty blurry on top of that.

You should of bent his arm down slightly and actually made him look down the ironsights.

The first one is also blurry, and I thought a 12 gauge shotgun shell would cause lots of damage, not just a puff of smoke.

The bonus pic is badass.

The light and blur on the 2nd are great!

He should have no problem against those clots with an AA-12,that thing can rape flesh pounds.

I personally like the atmosphere(Lighting + DoF), I think is very fitting and looks cool.

Both are pretty cool and nicely posed, but I dont like the muzzleflash on the first one because is too desaturated.

Wtf? are you high?

It’s a line from the game Killing Floor, an insult to the NPC Enemy.
Also, whats wrong with being high?

Nice pictures, if they where 1650x1080 I would use them as a wallpaper. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the muzzle flash on the first one. One of the clot’s arms is also blocking the barrel of the gun, which I think is awful positioning.

I have no complaints about the 2nd one.


Drugs are bad, kids. :eng101:


nice pics, too dark

Why does the Hazmat dude’s eyes look like he’s going “Derp”?



Holy shit in a hot sauce.

In the bonus picture try bending his arm a little bit and tilting the gun so he is holding it on a 45 degree angle.

Awesome lightning.