Hazmat Russians From COD: Black Ops

Ok so Can someone please port the russian hazmat soldiers from the level rebirth (the second part when you play as hudson) from Call of duty black ops and Port them into garrysmod, here is some pictures:



(sorry I couldn’t get any more high quality pictures)

Mod Tools Bro?

Oh damn Didn’t we already have some? i’ve seem some black ops models around?

Those were ripped with 3D Ripper DX, dont know about players since I dont have Black Boobs for PC.

Oh and I agree with this request, I would also love to see WMD characters ported, especially the hooded enemy faction guy (I think its an sniper) and Harris

So can we rip the models?

Yes you can but acording to Corra the texture can come out really low res

hmm…Well mabye someone could try?

to anyone who is going to do this, please adjust the proportions first before releasing them. thank you.

These are in perfect proportions.

Is ripping possible?

For fucks sake, stop it FloaterTwo

I dont like making new threads so ill post here:
I think some one should get viktor reznov in the level rebirth with the leather jacket and buzz cut that would be cool.

no they really aren’t

No, they really aren’t. Calling those proportions perfect is like calling Bobby Kotick a nice guy.

And no, you can’t really rip them since the UVWs come out all broken and no-one wants to remake them.