Hazmat Units were deployed (W/ 3D Picture)


Here is 3D picture


3D earthquake? Cool.

the 3d picture thing has better lighting and color composition than the edited one does lol

The 3d hurts my brain- but I like it better than the other.

That’s not how you’re supposed to do 3d.

Crysis 2 models?

no they aren’t.

Alright picture, nothing really pops out for me though, I’m neutral on this one

This twitching’s the only way to show the different sides of the model without 3d glasses
But I got a headache wathing it…

Except that he did it completely wrong. The camera is supposed to only slightly rotate around the center of the scene, in his .gif it just slightly moves to the side.

yeah he didn’t fully rotate it

i THOUGHT that if you placed a camera and had the camera viewed or something, you could hold E and rotate it (???) or something like that

i remember doing it once before and was like WOW THIS WOULD BE USEFUL SOME DAY but forgot how to do it/never needed it

but it works

yeah i dont mind it myself

still a nifty idea

Hang on I need mah glasses…uh

It works for me just fine.

And the whole .gif isn’t moving side to side, as the back left zombie isn’t moving anywhere near as much as the foreground hazmat.

Both are really cool.
I like movement of 3D picture. It made the scene looks more dimension.

This is really cool. 3D image is by far better than the 2D - sometimes the best edit is the one you don’t do.

M16A1 fuck yeah baby

Black Ops fan much?

Colt AR series was copied from Black Ops!!!111!!11eleven

It’s cool but the 3D looks wrong really wrong, it gave me a headache.