HC-RP is NOW UP!!!

Script - TacoScript2
RP - HL2

Our server is now up at
Connect and have a good time.

Our forums are located here:

We need a lot of positions to be filled, don’t be afraid to apply!

Have any suggestions? Or want an event but don’t have event access? if you get approval from an admin we will make your event happen! Our community is very open and I want to make sure everyone is treated the equally regardless of being admin, regular, or first time RP’r.

If you help us grow and develop we will help you as well!

Server advertisements section is up there.

How long has that been there??? Never noticed it before.

Sorry for the bump but my server is now down. Someone i trusted with running it deleted all the files and made it dark rp. He destroyed the forums and i lost everything i did to make the server happen.

The reason he did this:
I called him ghey. As a joke, so he clusterfucks me.

tl;dr servers down becuase of an over sensitive mingebag.

Sorry to here that man. I will check out the server when I get a chance too.

im workin on gettin it back up and running right now, may have script ready by the end of the night.

Well when it comes up I will definetly check it out.