HC RP Server coming very soon!

Script - TS2
IP - When i buy it and script is up i will post

INFO: I’m gonna be buying a 24 or 32 slot server either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when i get my new debit card in the mail (wallet got jacked had to cancel old one). The server is gonna have a multi-role based on a schedule.

Mon-Fri: Serious roleplay
Sat: Dedicated to machinima making
Sun: Regular sandbox, unless nobody does this then it will either be RP or a second machinima day.

The forums are here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Hammer_Challenges/index/
They are still under construction but they are coming along, applications are open to probationary acceptance with past experience or a good app, now is the time to apply because we NEED people.

The forum is also gonna have a section for Hammer (hence the name of the server) where once or twice a week im going to post a challenge for people to do in hammer, and the best one is the winner.

I plan on doing A LOT of events on this server to keep the action rolling.

What kind of roleplay? And what script?

Its going to be Tacoscript2. My friend was coding it all in cake but then decided to switch over to that.
Also, its HL2, but me and the admins are going to make it easier for people to get flags then on other servers.

ALSO my credit card has not come in the mail yet, so I’m still waiting on that but as soon as I have it the server’s up. (why can’t people not steal shit?)

Is this for your server? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=91904#comment-35954211

If so I would like you to remove it

No that isn’t for our server, we just use HC because we were making the forums for a group of people who wanna compete in map making against each other, the name stuck so we are gonna use it as our RP server name.

As long as it isn’t DERP(DarkRP) i’ll stop by.

I think you’re lying, =/, Who else would make a HCRP pack…

I’m not lying, go check our forums, if it was for us it would have been posted when we first started compiling our resources and getting stuff set up.

And how many times must I post that this is TacoScript2? (well, was cake, but i never mentioned darkRP)

Also, with that file, why would I need a Tau commander or spacemarine for HL2RP?