HC Surv / LES / Econ / New Friendly

One of my favorite servers previously was a hardcore survival one, so I have done what I can to reproduce it.

Currently Running Mods:

● HC Surv (Custom) - You start with only being able to craft 2 things, you must kill things to get a low chance at gaining blue prints to craft anything more.
● LES - Leveling Experience System
● Econ (Custom) - Modified Bushy Econ to fix a couple bugs, and add a charge for sending people money.
● Custom Drops - Everything from supply drops to chests has been revamped and redone.
● PVP Protection - New players get 2 hours they can’t be killed, and everyone gets 15 minutes after they are killed. Is stopped if you perform any negative action towards players or buildings.
● Missions - Get rewarded for killing things!
● Nightfires - Empty furnaces can be used for lighting.
● Doorshare
● Offline Mail
● Private Messaging
● Almost No Guns - Hand Cannon is the only one that can be found.

I am very interested in any and all feedback about the setup, difficulty, suggestions etc. I am proficient in LUA so most changes if they can be done, I can do. I am also always open to feedback on if drop rates are too high or too low.



So far things have been positive, people seem to enjoy the new challenge and the fact you actually have to work for things, instead of being setup with nothing to do after 2-3 hours.

I am pondering removing LES and writing my own leveling system that ties into the hardcore, so you can increase your chance at blue prints… or to get materials to drop randomly instead of just blueprints (with a slightly higher chance)…

I am very interested in any and all input from people on what would make a good, challenging PvE server :slight_smile:

After several days and much feedback the server is still going but with several changes.

● PVP Protection is now gone, and the entire server is PVE.
● To accommodate this Arena now exists for those who want to PVP
●● Arena saves your inventory before you get pulled in, no worry about lost stuff!
●● Every 30 minutes, one of 5 match types is selected for people to join
●●● Deathmatch - First to 50 kills wins
●●● Last man standing - lose your lives your out
●●● Naked Rock fight - Death match with nothing but rocks!
●●●Gungame - Kills only count with the right weapon
●●● One In Chamber - 1 shot, that’s all you get, blow it, you need to hatchet people
● Building part prices were all changed to make it a little easier to get your first 1x1
● LES was modified to add new skills: Arrow gathering, Money gathering, Looting has a chance at building materials
● Recycle kits and /recycle was added.