(HCC) HAVOK's Custom Map Compilers

HCC is a modified version of the Source SDK 2013MP map compiling programs.
Its goal is to provide additional command line options apply various fixes to the Source 2013MP map compiling tool set.

2/12/17 (1.1)
Download Build 1.1
4/28/17 (1.2)
Download BSP Build 1.2

Current Features:

Implemented Wouterpleizier’s func_detail_blocker support
-(Enables usage and functionality of func_detail_blocker brushes.)

Implemented Wouterpleizier’s “AllowDynamicPropsAsStatic” command line option
-(Allows usage of dynamic models on prop_static entities. Warns the user upon encountering an instance of this.)

Implemented Wouterpleizier’s “NoDefaultCubemaps” command line option
-(Disables VBSP’s default generation of cubemaps.)

Implemented tgnottingham’s detail brush smoothing group fix
-(Corrects smoothing groups on detail brush geometry.)

Added increased detail prop limit
-(Significantly increaced prop_detail limit.)

Added increased entity limit
-(Increaced Entity limit to 65536.)

Added increased displacement limit
-(Increaced Displacement limit to 4096.)

Added increased brushside limit
-(Increaced Brushside limit.)

Added increased overlay limit
-(Increaced Overlay limit to 1024.)

Added Large address awareness
-(Helps prevent crashes due to not enough memory being allocated.)

Added Large address awareness
-(Helps prevent crashes due to not enough memory being allocated.)

Added “AllowDynamicPropsAsStatic” command line option
-(Allows lighting to be calculated on prop_static entities using dynamic models.)

Added “AllowDX90VTX” command line option
-(Allows usage of dx90.vtx files for light calculation. See -StaticPropPolys)

Added “IgnoreModelVersions” command line option
-(Ignores model versions to allow usage of models past version 49. Warns the user upon encountering an instance of this.)

Added Large address awareness
-(Helps prevent crashes due to not enough memory being allocated.)

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cool will test this out and offer feed back if any :slight_smile:

Hey, i’ve test your compiler and i’ve always the “num_entities == MAX_MAP_ENTITIES” what is the limit now ?

It would be seriously nice if you could increase the (512) overlay limit, that one is a real pain in the ass for me.

The limit is the same as before, we can’t increase it or GMod wont like the map.

As I said before, the limits are the same, however with overlays we might be able to increase the limit, I’ll look into increasing the overlay limit and see if GMod doesn’t crash with more than 512.

I’ve played on a map in GMod with 800 overlays, there was no problem there. Besides, CSGO does it natively.

Thank you for considering my request, you have no idea how much this would help me.

Is it faster?

I’d like to see radiosity color banding fixed and have styles lights bounce, but those aren’t easy things to do.

The short lived CST compile tools that existed something like 10 years or more ago fixed color banding but were discontinued unfortunately.

I hope you’re still working on this. Quality custom compilers are hard to find.

Iv’e got a too many different things to work on right now, HCC is currently at the bottom but its still on the list.

So uh, this is a shot in the dark but wth.

Is it possible to add an option to make VBSP not delete the light_environment entity (seeing as it’s internal)? I’m trying to target it but this fucks up the prop_static lighting in-game if you manually add a targetname. I’m hoping if VBSP doesn’t delete it, then I won’t have to add a targetname and can instead target it by class. Is this possible?

I’m using this with ATMOS at the moment, incase anyone’s wondering! Ta.


I will give you big big big big big big big time succ if you implement a command line option or just have a version with increased entity limits.

This implements a bunch of fixes that these needed a long time ago (also I didn’t even know there was a fix for L4D2 dx90 props! NOW YOU DONT HAVE TO FUCK WITH FILES. THANK YOU) but I could never get in the same place.


Dude you’re a god.

Thanks for this! I’m glad someone actually finally fixed the large address awareness issue that’s been plaguing the 2013 branch forever.

Gmod dosen’t like it when we pass the entity limit, that’s why it hasn’t been increaced.

Actually, Garrysmod has already increased the entity limit to the maximum value-- 65536. What has not been updated to follow that changed, however, is the entity limit in VBSP, which is lower.

I have had several maps that go beyond the entity limit, and they function perfectly in Garrysmod (using several posed compilers on Facepunch that have that feature)

Just built a new bsp with increaced limits

Increaced Entity, Displacement, Brushside, and Overlay, Limits.

Thank you so much if this works. You may have literally saved my life. I mean it.

Does this work for singleplayer Half Life 2: Episode 2?
Tried compiling with all of the new build programs and while hammer compiles without a hitch, once I try to open the map in-game, it simply crashes to desktop without any notice; the load screen displays for an usual amount of time, but then the game simply closes

Are you doing anything with cubemaps?

Just curious, what’s the brush/brushside limits now with this compiler?

IMO the solids cap is one of the biggest limiters next to faces and entities for making maps. I know, you’re supposed to Propper the shit out of everything that doesn’t need to be brushes but sometimes that’s just not desirable for certain things