HD Gun™ (with animations)

this is the most realistic model ever.

Shit I was affraid Kurit made thread again including word HD.
Also about gun: FUnny looking item. SOmething quite unique.
Any chance you could teach me how to make view models for guns?

It’s so detailed i had an eyegasm.

The polycount is unbelievable, the animations are unique, the bumpmaps in this gun are incredible, so realistic, the green magazine makes it the best gun in Source engine. Its incredible the talent people have gotten these days.

Have my puppies


Oops seem like the puppies will never end XD

Whats with all the HD threads, lol.

Kurit (a “modeller” more incompetent than BP and more self-absorbed than Oprah Winfrey) made two for some very basic models he made. Epic-level flamewars commenced. Now there’s two parody threads going on.

Where’s the safety?


this gun’s dangerous as shit, bro

Those animations are actually better than some on fpsbanana.
I’d choose those on a tmp or something


try compiling this for said tmp and giving it fart noises for shoot sounds.

Thumb on the right hand is positioned a bit badly, otherwise it’s a masterpiece!

i actualy want this

A gun this amazing has a mind activated safety.

I guess Kurit won’t be able to use it then.

Poly count is too high; would lag my HD computer.

This is the wave of the future.

Better than sex.

release this.

I came.

A true masterpiece.

Fucking second that. It will be the greatest SWEP ever made in history. You could make it shoot ultra high definition eyeballs and moons.