HD Homecoming Pyramid Head

Alt Download:

Well i Downloaded the Silent Hill Homecoming models but Pyramid heads quality was so shitty i had to due something about it.
Model Ported by S-low Apparently
Reskin by me of course!





Awesome work as always H4lf-D3ad.

Got my download. :buddy:

Awesome sauce, dling now

Let me be the first to say, this is simply Orgasmic!

Wow, this shit is awesome!
Thanks for fixing the model and uploading it H4lf-d3ad!
(Dunno how fucked up was the original quality lol never saw it)

Cool :D. So downloading.

I wish someone would rip Alex, but this is fantastic model.

He didn’t do it, S-low did. He just posted it here.

Except i reskinned it. Read the thread next time

Holy fucking shit balls.

Nice, does that great knife come with it?

I was talking about the re-skin.

I’ll just go in here, rate you artistic and download your model. Okay?

Sounds good to me :smiley:

Well he wouldn’t be Pyramid head without it now would he :D?

Fucking awesome,I wish it didn’t have that stupid pyramid head though.Sword is pretty badass too

…Wut. He wouldn’t be pyramid head then would he?

When i saw his head i was speachless…u did nice…

his blade made me shit my pants…its too scary :d

Yeah he wouldn’t obviously dumbass,I’m just saying I don’t like the head.

When I saw the first pic, that was just creepy…EXCELLENT WORK. I’m impressed by the modeler who made that, seriously impressed.

Nice work. We need all the silent Hill Models ported, especially the DOLL BOSS! that would be awesome.