HD Screenshots by Raeiko (Edited in Photoshop)

Starting this thread to compile all my screenshots and upcoming shots. All posed in Garry’s Mod and edited in Photoshop afterwards.

These first few were experimenting with bokeh and atmospheric portraits.

Pretty cool stuff, I like the color palette of the last one. Also welcome to the section!

What a way to introduce yourself! I’m really liking your editing, despite being somewhat simple. There’s some white outlines on the 2nd and 3rd though, but that might’ve been intentional. Again, welcome

Welcome, second one is very well made. I think the rim lighting in the last one is too uniform, it needs to vary more as it goes around the helmet.

Thank you guys for the feedback as well as the warm welcome, and I totally agree with you Crazy Knife. The white outline was also intentional, sort of a halo that the light cast around the models.