HD Sounds


HD Sounds is a set of sounds used to make Garry’s Mod/Half-Life 2 more immersive. It modifies most of the walking sounds and water sounds. Replaces the two citadel explosions and the spray sound and replaces a shitload of more sounds with better versions, etc: Better crow sounds, better ambience… and so on.

Download Link:
If this is the wrong forum… tell me. I didn’t find any forum that would suit this…

Sounds good, especially the pain.

I love the high drop sound, doesn’t sound like I’m snapping my shinbones as much.



they’re better than valve ones

You should modify the soundscapes so they use more than 2 or 3 sounds. I have done this and made them use about 10 sounds for grass, dirt and concrete with variable pitch from 90 to 110. It makes it sound less repetitive.

It sounds like you are grinding grass into whatever you are walking on, I don’t really care for that.

The other sounds are pretty cool though.

The pitch(es) seem off. Good job, fantastic sounds.

Probably because Valve doesn’t make most of its sounds.

Awesome from the video standpoint, I’ll install and give feedback(if I don’t forget).

So I take it that most of these sounds are from Oblivion?

Works great, thanks!

Yes because all the gunshot, reloading, explosion and coastal bird sounds are from Oblivion.

Those are dirt sounds, not grass sounds, and thanks.

I don’t see what’s so special about them.

Imo they’re worse than the original ones

How do I install them?

Are these the sounds from Thief?

They do sorta remind me of it.

Hm I wonder where sounds go.

Because Gmod is like reality.

The only things that I think are better are the water sounds and a few of the footstep sounds. The “shins breaking” sound is a lot more realistic than these ones. In reality, you’d probably break more than a few leg bones, and would probably die instantly in most cases.

I’m not here for reality, and I’m tired of hearing bones crunch with every trivial fall that only removes 10 health points, so maybe you wanna open up and describe the process by which you get to hear these alternative sounds? The original poster left no instructions in the dl…

Extract to your garrysmod/sounds folder.