HD Test


That was actually pretty good.


lol nice

Pretty cool, but for “real” HD you have also to render and/or pan and crop it into widescreen.

Here’s a new crack at it, different settings and such.

Now, I would crop it and all, but I dunno. I think it looks a little more stylish like this. Just my opinion, but it’s the viewer’s that matters.

4:29 nice jump! :slight_smile:
i dont think you need to crop the screen for videos like this, its only really for movies.

When you think about it, 720p IS 1280x720, so if the video is 4:3 it isen’t really HD. But…it still IS HD. I’m confuse

Thats not the no heroes server is it?

Edit: Wait nvm

hm good

Theres about 200 HD test-videos in Youtube, what makes this so special that it has to be posted here?

I suppose I should post mine here too, cuz it has awesome bouncing balls in it.

Sir, how DARE YOU question the merit of my work.

I have half a mind to come over there and teach you what for, wot wot.

What map is that?


The HD is awesome and the video is really good!

Need countinue

Well, the lip syncing one was cs_port, the Tf2 one was Balloon Race.

So Many HD videos

Im Still waiting for Youtube to let us post 3D flims on Youtube!