HDR Complie

When ever I compile (run map) with HDR I get this -

I need 2 questions answered.
What is it.
How do i fix this.
don’t make a post like " DUDE your map is SOOOOOO MESSED UP man." I need answers

Thanks for who ever helps.

First off do you have a light_environment and if so what are the setting on it you might have some of the settings to high only think I can think of right now.

also copy your compile log and post it inside the box in this link and click check log.

If there is a bug in the map you can post the log there to find out what or just click on check for probelm
in the hammer

Try building the cubemaps.

That could work to I forgot if you do not have a cubemap in the map when compiling it on HDR it some times does that. lol

well I know that my light_environment is not on high because when I do just a normal compile it doesn’t do that, and I have cubemaps but is it possible that they where not setup right?

can’t load skybox file skybox/sky_day02_03 to build the default cubemap!
no such variable “$hdrbasetexture” for material “skybox/sky_day02_03rt”

You need to place env_cubemaps and build them before HDR will work properly

Yes I understand, but how do I build them correctly?

type “buildcubemaps” in console

That mite have been the most easiest thing I have done in mapping. one question will every have to do that command when they use this map? if so I need to know how do I make it permanent ? Sorry I forgot tell you that it worked. But now I have a new problem.

Now when ever I look at a light is gets litter dimer, but when I look away it gets brighter.


To get these pictures i had to look away from the light, then look at the light real fast and take a picture. it fades from bright to REALLY bright.

That’s HDR doing it’s job.

Is it suppose to do that?


I getting this error in my console like 10000000 times so help if you can.
Bad pstudiohdr in GetSequenceLinearMotion()!

When you type “buildcubemaps” in console, it builds the cubemaps in the .bsp file. if you re-compile the map you will have to do it again, but or else its permanent. Aslong as you do it before you release the map.

Thanks Zeepaaan, but i still need how to make its so my lights look realistic, and not only on the ceiling.

any one know about
“Bad pstudiohdr in GetSequenceLinearMotion()!”


I don’t think you get it HiddenMyst. That’s not from 2 different maps, I was in 1 map. I took both those pictures in game and on the same HDR map, and the same light to. . If I look at a light its get dimer the look away then it gos bright.

Yeah, that’s what HDR does.

Close your eyes for a while then open them and look at a bright light in real life. This is the effect you’ll see.

The HDR is fine now…

Also, I TRIED DOING THAT A MILLION TIMES… Never works for me (in real life)

Then your eyes are fucked.

Take a bright summer day, close the curtains and sit in darkness for a while, say 20 minutes and try reading something. Then open the curtains and look outside.

My map is to bright though, should I turn down the environment light?

Yeah, that would probably fix it…