HDR graphics problems

dont worry, this thread is useless

No idea, but that looks cool. :buddy:

What graphics card do you have?


if i knew how i could find that out id tell you,

do i look at dxdaig??

i think i found out

its a RADEON X300 SE.

also, just so you know, when i change the anti analising level those weird things go away.

but i dont wanna have to do it everytime i play a game :frowning:

so thanks for the nice comment nori

Sadly, ATI has stoped updating the X300 series so im pretty much on my own here.

is there a way i can fix this problem though.


i get rid of this by changing the anti-analising level so could there be a way it turns the anti-analising to a level that HDR needs?

What level do you change it to?

well it doesent matter what level i change it to, as long as it is changed, then when i leave the map and come back those things are back.

i prefer it on anti-analising level 0

HDR realy hits hard on lag.

without anti-analising my fps is from 12 to 30fps


So… turn HDR off?

Chances are your GPU simply doesn’t support the shaders necessary.

but the HDR works for me in hl2 ep1?

if it could work in hl2 it can sure work in gmod

HDR sucks anyway. Just hurts your eyes when all props shine like miniature suns (especially the orange PHX ones). I don’t use it.

yes you might not like it but i do. and it sucks having to wait 5 mins just changing the anti-analising to use HDR