He chose the wrong side, and now he paid the price


Maybe not post worthy, but eh. I was bored and I would like criticism.


Not my pose.

I think it’s post worthy :smiley:
The editing is lovley. Good job. :3

The smoke is bothering me.
It shouldn’t be already doing that.
I’ll edit this if that’s fine with you?

So I heard you like blur.

w/e, it’s cool.

It’s not my pose, so go ahead.

As for the smoke, yeah, I changed that now.

Maybe edit in a small amount of muzzle flash? You know, to make it seem like the combine isn’t being shot with a high-powered bb gun?

Otherwise, really good.

As I said before, the glass looks really nice.

I suck at flashes, and I don’t think it would make much sense if the flash stayed for such a long time, since it’s a flash.

But, the bullet already hit the combine so the flash would be lone gone.

Tho, there should be some smoke.

Three guys just told me to get rid of it, due to the timing :psyduck:

Well it just seems awkward to see it. It’s good, but, it looks like he’s being shot with a high-powered bb gun. But I can’t complain because I can’t edit that well.

I can’t see the pic even through proxy-server.


Three guys are idiots because that shit lingers for a few seconds

Also, you overkilled the editing majorly. Sometimes pictures are better if you don’t edit the piss out of them.

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(assuming by ‘smoke’ you guys mean around the muzzle)