He is watching you!


I put no effort in this shit.

<<<<<<<------AWESOME BONUS*—>>>>>>>…



I like the random fox in the background.




Holy Jesus I be trippin balls.

But all the cool kids do drugs and then sit on their own playing a video game.


Those cool kids become junkies who call you at 2 in the morning asking “What are your prices?”

I hate people who say they put no effort into what they’ve made, incase people don’t like it.

who’s up for a funny junkie story?

coming home from parade, train terminates two stations before mine as it’s late (00:30 late). cab rank is empty and, being an idiot at the time, i figure i’ll walk home! yeah sweet idea retard, let’s all walk home at fucking half past midnight and get stabbed for drug money!

anyway, about a third of the way into my 10km journey, i see the local caltex servo is open and realise how dumb i would have to be to walk the rest of the way at that hour. i’m out of credit on my phone, so i saunter on over to the night counter and notice someone’s already there. being all patient and shit, i wait for about five minutes while a 40-ish woman in her nightgown waffles on about wanting a cake. yes. she wanted a very specific kind of chocolate cake, from a service station on the main fucking drag, at 12:30am. jesus christ.

five minutes later she finally gives up, turns around, nearly fucking walks into me (i know dpcu works well but holy shit, surely not THAT well), then gets into her big expensive range rover and fucks off. the attendant just gives me the most exasperated look as i try not to laugh. good times.

This thread is a facinating one. I do like the Combine sitting on the floor though.