"He just sits there and listens to those files all day..."

Goes good with http://www.spacesounds.com/home/index.html

Find the ghost in one of the screens and receive bacon.


Rate, hate, fuck with a rake.

More than 8 posts would be nice too y’know :v:

Wow that’s cool looking, kinda creepy, but the left monitors seem a bit smooth in the lighting compared to the rest of the equipment. Might just be me…

Bottom right?

The bacon is yours.

Is there still bacon if you found bottom right without looking at what other people said?

Well once the bacon supplies have been depleted, it moves onto falafel.

I notice Hoth in the upper left :v:

That’s mars :v:


Well, close enough

Say that to an astronomer who happens to be a star wars fanatic :stuck_out_tongue:

This has something psychedelic about it. That is Jupiter in front of him.

There’s the faint shadow of a head on the screen to the right of the guy’s head, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not his shadow.

You missed out on the bacon and falafel, so you now get the seviche.

I like the creepy atmosphere.