He preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

  • Psalm 97:10


I was playing with lighting.

Do you know that line by heart? Or did you look it up? I always wonder that when people recite biblical lines (not sure why the hell I wrote ‘lights’ prior to the edit :S).

Nice picture though. The lighting is just awesome.

His eyes are little crossed.

Meh…how do you want to survive a goddamn zombie apocalypse without that.

Bibliu chitaem?

Well I grew up in a mixed Catholic and Protestant Irish family my nan used to read the bible to me practically all the time. I’ve also read the Bible and Qur’an myself.


Also what the shit, the new FP update re-sizes images? Lame.

That odd. It didn’t seem to resize when I was logged out. But now that I’m logged in it does resize.

It’s just Bill… and light… I even don’t know.