He Was a Gambling Man - Short Video

Basically I really wanted to make a video to this song, so I just thought up a silly situation where some guy comes along and (attempts) to steal a gun.
I know the NPCs are reeaaallly wonky, I’ve had this project on the backburner for a while and just wanted to get it out.

Anyways besides that and a few weird poses, I’d love some critique on it. I love editing, but I still need to get many skills down.

Really nice work with the camera shots and also the video editing. Also you did good work the NPCs imo. Well done mate, keep it up.

Gravity defying front flip was awesome.

Coincidentally, I was already listening to this song when I saw this. Bravo on your timing and on your video. The camera work is great.

Wow, thanks for the comments! Guess I did a little better with it than I thought originally.