''he was a traitor i had to kill him''.....''i know sir i know''

blood and first smoke try



Blood is very bright. Needs to be darker, the smoke shouldn’t really be that clear .

yes but i wanted to make the smoke gray but you cant see it then because of the background

Hand/finger posing needs work.

Why is there a random red smear on the rebel’s face? And why is it only in the first picture?

Tuck their butts in.

well at first the rebel was alone and then comes another rebel puts a hand on his sholder and sais ‘‘i know’’

There should be a shadow below that body. Nice work still.

Always excuses, and wait what? what does this have to do with tucking their butts in? Unbreak your english broski.

its not an excuse its like a mini story

no XDcell you are the traitors

and then XDcell was a poser


no XDcell you do not get the reference

and then XDcell was confus

write english man

hahaha irony.

sweet…sweet irony

and then one was horse

moonsorrow was phone
and magicman was boobies

and boobies sold rope for a living.

and rope sais to XDcell96 “this picture lax quality”