He will run, though.


Tried something once more.
Deleted http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=747570 , because it kind of messes up the models… They are rotated in strange direction when they start up, anyone know an alternative to this mod?

Terrible posing. Also, don’t use the duplicator without variation. Look at what other people do, practice, and untill you can compare yourself with them, don’t post crap like this.

Right back at you Scout.


You have to train your character posing ! The Scout looks too stiff.

Posing is hard, dammit! Sometimes body parts just won’t move, no matter what.

Do you use the “Better phys tf2 model”?

I tried using it, but models seems to be strangely rotated when they spawn or when I pick them up. Or am I doing something wrong?

Bullshit. You’re new to it, understandable. But practice untill you’ve stopped posting lazy crap like this. I normally take about one to two hours on one image, and my posing is only average.