Head bobbing

Please, remove the head bob from the game! This isnt really a simulation option, your head doesnt bob like that in real life, your spine hold up your neck and absorbs shock. All head bob-ing does is give people motion sickness. After playing a good 2 hours of the game my head hurts and has a headache. Atleast maybe add in an option to disable it.

Last I checked, your head does move when you sprint IRL…

The head bobbing is a little excessive in this game. It’s understandable as to why they put it in, but it either needs to be tuned down or give the option to turn it off.

I get used to it, but if I start thinking about it I definitely start to get some motion sickness.

there won’t be an option to turn it off because it would give players an advantage.

Seems fine as it is IMO.

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Doubt that. We can already turn the grass off which is really stupid.

There needs to be an option to turn off your head entirely IMO

It doesn’t affect your aim or anything, and you can’t shoot while sprinting anyway. What would be the clear-cut advantage to not bobbing around?

Grass will be forced on when the performance bugs are worked out.

Yeah no shit! It doesn’t look like an earthquake is happening though…

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Who the fuck wants head bobbing anyway? It just seems (As ive asked about on servers) that it just gives people who have motion sickness a hard time to play the game. Nobody wants to play the game with a headache

I never said they should. I just wondered what the big advantage would be that digitom thinks people would get from disabling it (other than not feeling sick) that would make it unfair to those who left it enabled.

The head bobbing is stupid. If you argue realism then you already lost (and should know why). At least have an option to turn it off.

Yet there is an option to turn off the tall grass that you can actually hide in…were you dropped on your head as a child? The advantage argument has been beat to death, fact is you bob mainly when sprinting at which time you can’t shoot anyone. Which offers more of an advantage, the 90% of the world you can turn off or the 10% of a head bob that has nothing to do with close quarter short range combat.

I like the head bobbing personally. But yeah, I agree there should be an option to turn it off for those who suffer from motion sickness.

I just want some randomness added to it, feels like I’m limping.

Edit: this is mainly just polish and so stupidly low priority.

Right, it almost feels as if your screen is shaking around, and around… and around…

Your eyes remain stable while sprinting. Head-bob is unrealistic.

I suffer from motion sickness because of the head bobbing… I almost get used to it after a while, but still causes me headaches from time to time.

Please, as everybody said, removing it doesn’t give any advantage because you can’t shoot while running, so, please… add an option to disable it, please.

Except in reality, your head bobs, not your view. The fact that the image bobs and your head remains in place coupled with the low FoV is a secret recipe for motion sickness, along with headaches, and other such ailments.

There is already a topic regarding motion sickness created here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1356072&p=43733869 Please post there and bring this to the attention of the developers.

I have also posted on Garry Newman’s AMA on reddit but did not get a response yet. Hope we can have an option to disable head bobbing if the user desires in console.

didnt notice it after 180 hours played, stop being pussys plz

I really like the head bobbing.