"Head for the Headquater!" - TF141 guys are attacking Russian Soldiers



lol original

H3llfire741’s edit


nice muzzleflash but the camera angle leaves out a lot of things that would probably make the picture much better
good posing as usual

I’m not good at set the camera angle.
thanks lol

The title is a tongue twister.

I like the motion blur.

A suggestion to those who aren’t exactly good at English: Get someone who speaks English as native tounge to look at whatever you want to name your thread or w/e so it isn’t broken and weird.

Guy in the foreground looks pasted in in your edit. But otherwise, looks great.

Blood for the Blood God.

Skulls for the Skull Throne.

Head for the Headquarter?

Heads for the Eyelander.

Someone totally missed the point.

Oh fuck it’s Warhammer 40k.
Give me books.

I like the naps you use in the all of your poses. Can you tell what map this is?