Head-Hack Causes Deformation?

Hey. I’ve been working on head-hacking Squiddy’s Desmond Ragdoll’s head onto the human hunter player model. Squiddy’s been an amazing “tutor” (which is an understatement) through this project, but I think thie solution to this problem is just a little out of his reach. It compiles, loads and spawns in-game fine and all, but it turns out a little… “distorted”:


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Looks like something is going wrong with the bones or weights. Its kinda hard to tell exactly what went wrong. Could you post a detailed account of the steps you took in your 3d editor?

also, don’t use .PNG for screenshots (that one you have is 3mb) … PNG works well for indexed colour, smooth gradients, text, graphics/logos but not photographic-like images.


  1. Imported Hunter.smd and desmond_miles.smd into blender.
  2. Deleted hunter’s head and desmond’s body
  3. translated hunter’s body upward so it fit over desmond’s head.
  4. renamed desmonds vertex group “head” to “Bip01_Head1”
  5. created an armature linking the vertex group “Bip01_Head1” to the bone “Bip01_Head1”
  6. exported the files
  7. fixed the faceposing information in the hunter’s qc and replaced hunter’s faceposing .vta with desmond’s.
  8. compiled
  9. tested


Note that there are a few things similarly distorted around the back of the neck.

use milkshape 3D its better

follow this :slight_smile: