Head Hack Request: Unmasked Female Metrocop

I really need a metrocop model with a female head for a comic.
All help appreciated!


Well there aren’t any female metrocops though…

Are you saying that it is impossible or that it will look wierd?


There is no such thing as a female Metrocop… They are always Male.
The combine are sexist pigs.

AWH! I want a head of a female character on a metrocop’s body!

YellowLake did an Alyx one, I think

I don’t think it was released though.
It was also on an Elite.
Oh. But it wasn’t a headhack.

There are women in the Civil protection.


Sexist policy is a fairly unefficient one. Women are an able body just like men, especially when trained and physically fit. The combine is about efficiency, therefore they would accept women into the Civil protection. And if you pester one of the women in line at the rations in the start of HL2, she says she’s about ready to join Civil protection to get better food.

That’s yellowlake’s model.

I want an unmasked combine-1337, aka, combine elite soldier.

Im pretty sure they designed the uniform so you cant tell any detail because the other citizens would know who they were off-duty and well violence happens. Why else the mask?