Head hackers Ahoy (Needed) - Resistance and Liberation

Morning, evening, night for you various foes around the world here at Facepunch.

I’ve currently got a roleplay server up, nothing too special considering there’s only like, a million others. But what I’m in need of is to ask someone to bust their ass for me (kidding, of course) and throw me a hand in regards with some models.


That’s a small picture to show you the RnL models. Now they’re fine thus far, but there’s only one real issue and that’s the fact that it has one ‘head.’ There’s really only one face/head type and no variation. That’s obviously an issue for a roleplay server now ain’t it? All the Americans are Arian G.I. Joes rocking the blonde and blue combo.

I need anyone to assist me by possibly just swapping out the heads and giving them anything else, really. Anything works, I don’t mind truth be told. Maybe default citizen heads so it’s easier? It just needs variation head-wise. So I suppose a head hack is what’s called for here.

Anyway I understand people have their own issues in life and a majority of modelers/splicers/hackers here do this as a fun hobby and would rather not work for free for anyone but again, if you’re willing I’m willing babes and I’d appreciate it. If you can’t do it, don’t reply.

As for payment… I’m already paying out of pocket for a few things so I’m unsure if I can actually throw any dollars your way considering it should be, from what I’m told by another modeler, an easy job. But I’m basically clueless when it comes to this sort of thing and yes, I’ve tried the tutorial posted by to head hack. It ended up with an arm for a head. Wasn’t pretty.

Thanks in advance, cheers.

Content link in addon format in order to get the models: https://mega.co.nz/#!0w9kiI6a!tyuv0KgDFlfpw8KvjyALz7FgHS8VCbSR5KDEnm3DjtQ (legacy addon)

That’s not something you should pay for - it’s a pretty simple task.

Pretty sure you could find someone here to do the job - unfortunately, I can’t do that, because I never happen to finish anything. There are better folks over there than me, though.

I think it’d be more for paying for someone’s time. I’m sure people aren’t slaves to their hobby but do it because they enjoy it and would rather benefit from it.

E: But I 'spose you’re right.