Head hacking issues?

Hey all. So i’ve been going around head hacking and stuff. But for some reason, ever female model in the history of gmod just has to be on slightly different skeletons than the next one. God forbid we can hack our favorite waifu’s face onto a nicer model right?
So finally, this is as close as I’ve gotten, because I’ve been told that if you move the head at all during a rigging, it fucks with the face posing tremendously. (Needless to say I tried it once and can confirm, it ruins the face).
Another problem arises is that if you move the base body at all you’ll need to custom rig the skeleton for the whole model.
So the end option is trying to find a body that has an identical model to the head you’re trying to hack. <---- Impossible?

Here’s pictures of as close as i’ve gotten… Is there anyway to get around this? Or is customing rigging actually easier than it has been made out to be?
I’m new and just looking to learn so I can do it for myself.
Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.

Neck Issue.

Again the Neck.

A good rule of thumb is to not use milkshape. If I remember, doing anything with bones in it is a huge bother.

So, 3DS Max? Blender? What’s your preference?

He’s right. You can assign mesh to bones, but doing anything else to the rig (moving, rotating, scaling) screws up the rotations, rendering the rig pretty much useless if you want to play animations.

So does that pretty much leave the only option being; Learn how to custom rig a skeleton?

maya, max, blender, lightwave are all much better choices (personally have experiences with max mostly)

Alrighty, I’ll give max a shot and see if I can dig up a tutorial on rigging.
Thanks guys.