Head hacking issues

So I’m trying to headhack Female01 on the female assassin model, but I seem to have come across some sort of issue:

Pic Here

Never mind the texture on the head, I just want to get the rest of the body fixed before I continue with the rest of the problems.
As you can see, the entire model is in similar shape to a train wreck.
Everything seems to have decompiled and recompiled properly, I just have no idea what’s happened.

You can’t embed an image to FP from your computer. You need to upload the image to a site like Imageshack, Tinypic, uppix, or Filesmelt. Then you copy the link. Once you get the picture up I can help probably.

Thanks. That’s what I get for years of lurking.

You’re ok. We all make mistakes. Also, you can embed the image by using those

Like [IMG]Link Here

It works.

It looks like your rig is broken. Also, the head texture problem is very common in headhacking. I remember a solution somewhere, but I forgot where it was.

Your best bet for a fix is to fix the rig, then do the head texture fix. That should completely fix it (I hope).

Thanks, I’ll re-rig the whole thing with a new skeleton (gonna take me a while, still learning and following tutorials)

I figured out what I did wrong, when I was importing the model I was using for the head into 3dsmax I forgot to uncheck the skeleton box, it’s all fine now. But the issue with the head texture and missing eyes still stands (in same pic).

If you want to edit the head texture, I just used VTFEdit, select the material of the female head and unchecked Clamped S and T

Ok, I fixed the stretched texture thing, but the eye textures aren’t being picked up in the assigned folder.
The error is in the background and I’ve highlighted the error in the console.