Head Hacking - Trouble finding references to group_01 models

So I decided to start attempting to head hack models again but I’ve come across a problem, probably due to my own stupidity. I cannot find the group_01 folder with the male_0#s and female_0#s within it, and I forgot how to make them into references, or if there are references within the folders themselves for each individual model. But yeah, any help? It seems like the paths disappeared, it should be C:\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\models\humans\group01 but it’s not there, or in the HL2 equivalent folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Find “source materials.gcf” and then find “models\humans\group01” inside it

Right, I found this out earlier this morning, thank you so much though!

No prob.


Oops, I meant “source models.gcf” (and even that might be wrong, maybe “episode two models.gcf”?). I was thinking of how most of the TF2 models are stored in “team fortress 2 materials.gcf”.