Head Hacking

I know how to head hack, i would just like to know how you can get the neck to work closely to the hl2 models so it looks smooth.

Definately need pictures here. Do you mean lining up a citizen head to a different neck?

Citizen head on a gman body.

Fairly sure that has been done before…
It ain’t exactly Gman, but they are in suits…

I don’t want to use other peoples i just want to make my own which is better than using other peoples models. All i want to know is how to make the neck work smoothly using milkshape.

I use 3D max but in that it’s all just about weighing it properly.

Well unless you’re thinking of “Citizens dressed as G-Man” it’s way better to have the suit wearing citizens.

How do i do that though.

I just would like to know if there is any way for me to do it with a tool or something