Head trauma

Every time you die by falling or someone kills you with a headshot (melee or firearm) you forget one random blueprint.

Maybe it can be used even for to penalize the suicide.

What if you are new to the server? You farm for a hatchet/pickaxe bp, finally find it and all the sudden some fully geared asshole downs you, shoots you in the face and you lose your bp you where farming for 2 hours. That sounds like lots of fun.

Maybe this can happen after x BP learned.

Yeah let’s make people be able to lose the only thing they could’nt lose, I’m sure they’ll be happy.

I like this idea alot, maybe after say 10 bps it can happen. % chance each head shot or fall taken u lose 1 random BP knowledge.

What are the forum policies on retard jokes? I know there’s got to be a good downs joke for this situation somewhere…

I agree and disagree with this at the same time, you work day and night to obtain these blueprints, and get blueprintable items and work to repair and research them, you have people out there that spawn kill, even new spawns, and i’m sure that if you really think about it, you’d be devastated after loosing out on all of your hard worked for blueprints, they’re untouchable and stuck once binded, and i’m sure everyone agrees and likes it the way it is, although it’s a good suggestion, i don’t like the sound of it.

However perhaps if there was a percentage, it would further develop the challenge of rust, but i’m still not sure.

Maybe limit it to specific types of blue prints.

Maybe weapons or ammo but tools and clothes and stuff, no.

Nice idea! :chem101: