Headcrab-kitten replacement

Hello, I downloaded the headcrab-kitten replacement, it does not work, the kitten just stands there. I am not interested in making the kitten move, I just want to get my old headcrab back. How would I do this? Obviously, I know nothing of anything to do with this kind of thing so go ahead and rate me dumb.

Remove the addon and restart garrysmod.

I dont think it’s in addon format, you have to extract it to your garrysmod folder. If i’m wrong then i’m an idiot, because thats what I did.

Yeah, I made it back before we even had addons. Also, Snoop was making animations for it. He never released tough. Just go to models and continue the path until you get there.

What do I do then? If I delete it will it not just delete my headcrab model entirely and leave me with an error when I try to spawn one? I dont suppose someone would just give me the normal model so I can just extract it to garrysmod? It’s a shame he never released the animations, it would have been much better.

Thats the best part about Source. If you delete a game file, (ex. headcrab model) the GCF will automatically replace it with the original model. No need to worry about your files getting deleted permanetly.

Wow that is good. So all I need to do is search for all things under “headcrab” in models, delete them and I will have my headcrab back? Obviously, I will filter through the search to ensure that I do not delete anything that has “headcrab” in the title but is nothing to do with the classic headcrab.

Thanks for all your help Hakita :slight_smile:

No problem.