Headcrab Pill

This SWEP has been superseced by the Pill Addon. See thread:


Ever wondered what made those little headcrabs so ornery? Be one yourself and find out!

Step 1: Get a pill from a seedy pharmacist
Use “give pill_headcrab” or spawn one in the weapons section of the spawnmenu.
Step 2: Ingest pill
Select the pill under weapon slot 1.
Primary attack does the headcrab jump attack. Secondary attack will burrow and regenerate health. Reload will make noise.

Switch back to another weapon to reverse the side effects!

Thanks to Esik1er and TetaBonita for helping me test. :love: Let me know if you guys find any more bugs. KNOWN BUG: if you disconnect while playing as a headcrab, you’ll be stuck ducking. Go into the console and type -duck to fix it.

More pills to come? :ninja:

Updated to 1.1 with various bug fixes.

I love it original and very nice :smiley:

Reminds me of messiah where you can go into other bodies.

Nice swep.

I have just been testing it out on my server and it really is as good as it looks :smiley: Works perfectly. The only downside is it is really annoying for people trying to build hehe.

Lol, I’m trying it right now.

Amazing :slight_smile: make a gman pill! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool idea, lua king for you :smiley:

Just change your model to gman and your there, Will we be seeing other npc with this swep, if so i am really looking forward to Ant lion and ant lion guard installments of this swep

That was not nice.

Also, it is not nice to steal code and then re-release with only a different model.

You will just have to wait for another release from cringerpants

nice one, i’ll give it a try :smiley:

lots more Vortogont ect.

The head crabs run really slow, haha. Also, a vortigaunt pill would be freaking awesome!

Zombie pills maybe?

Would be cool if you could crate it and when someone breaks it you go back to headcrab and surprise they are getting brain sucked.

Haha very nice,

a Manhack-pill would be cool :wink:

Good job. :4chan:

:lol: I like that idea that Gman is so far from being human that one needs a pill to turn into him.

You can edit shared.lua and make SWEP.spawnable = false to make it so only admins can use them.

I’m actually planning on doing antlions and antlion guards next. Headcrab is funny and all but it’s a lot harder to actually play with. I had them added in my old version, and they were a TON of fun.

Good job on this. Keep these awesome pills coming. I’m addicted. :v:

These headcrabs rape everyone. They kill antlions in 1 hit.