Headcrab proof or not.

I would like to apologize in advance for the headless and dry humor.


What the hell is that thing?

Headcrab used with the inflator. Don’t tell me I have to explain this if you have played Half Life.

This is stupid and doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense. It just isn’t funny.

If this thread gets more comments than… well… anything, then I will be disappointed.

Stop here. We all know this is shit. You don’t need to comment past this point.

I’d like to add just one tiny itty bitty thought

You should have stopped at the first picture, it would’ve been funnier that way. Letting readers figure it out by themselves.

I don’t get it. :saddowns:

What is this I don’t even

Oh, NOW I get it. Really…you thought this was postworthy?

I assume the gag is that his head is too big for the normal headcrabs to headhump, but not for the big one.

Good gag…

Jesus, this isn’t dry humour. It’s humour sucked of its moist goodness. Oh, and…

I think it’s a troll thread…

I got a chuckle out of it.

I can’t believe so many people don’t get it… It’s funny in a robot chicken kinda way

link to the reskinned headcrab plox?


Pretty stupid, have a box.

hey lol i get it


Sorry guys but I must smile. You shit paint the thread because you don’t get the joke. A few did and didn’t think it to bad. It’s kind of silly to rape the dumb button when it is you that don’t get it:) No offense though.

Looks crappy, still funny though. The crappyness adds to the hilarity.


ok, that head freaks me out

bad use of inflator