Headcrab stay after Zombie death

If I kill a Zombie and the Headcrab dies with him, it stays there and doesn’t disappear anymore. Its also not grabable with the Physgun and not removeable with the remover-tool. The same happens to the Zombie parts if you shoot them with a sawblade and they are cut in pieces. Some time ago I found a thread where this was discussed but after a computer crash I can’t find it anymore. I beleave there was a console command to avoid that the ragdolls stay. Please help.

If you use the gmod sold on steam (meaning not v9), there is a box you can check that makes ragdolls stay after the npc is killed (the box is in the NPC tab). Alternatively, just spawn a ragdoll of a headcrab.

Yes I use this and I know that there is this box, I also checked this. I also tryd the Battle-Cleanup mod but this also doesn’t work, and why should it help to spawn a headcrab ragdoll? I want that they disappear and not stay.

He wanted the headcrab to be gone, not to stay.

Not to sound like an ass, but why do you want the headcrab detached from the zombie?

I don’t want. If I shoot an zombie the headcrab falls off and isn’t deleteable anymore. I can’t grab it, it doesn’t disappear and so on. I only want that the headcrab disappear after the zombie’s death.

I remember there was a console command that sets the max ammount of ragdolls or something like that. Something with _ragdoll.

Unclick the Keep Corpses button in the NPC menu.

This won’t change anything.


Player spawn zombie
Player takes out Magnum
Player shoots zombie in head/throat area
doesn’t matter if Keep Corpses is checked or not, for this it is
Headcrab falls off
Zombie Ragdoll deleted and Player tries to delete headcrab and fails to
Headcrab ragdoll stays there until you restart.


In Short, this is Unfixable.

I’m sure it isn’t “unfixable” I already fixed it some time ago, but I lost the thread where was written how it worked. How I said already, there must be a console command for max ammount of ragdolls or sth.


Message Garry.



Maybe I explained it wrong. The console command doesn’t clean up the dead ragdolls, it prevents the ragdolls to appear. And sorry, I don’t beleave, I know that there is a way to fix it, because I already did some time ago. But ok, I’ll search for myself and post the result here when I found it.

You dont what now?

There was “Falco’s Menu” which could remove this error.

But he was an ass and deleted it.

Do what I do spawn about 5 manhacks kill them go into a corner for a bit usually everything fades away for me

I thought there was something on garrysmod.org that removed headcrabs from zombies…