Headcrab Zombies and a trap


“I dunno if we can trust this guy, Eric. He seems shifty…”

Hmm, posing is quite bad. But everything else is okay, better DOF next tiem. Otherways it’s ok! :slight_smile:

Posing isn’t bad, the zombies are kinda hard to pose.

Father Gregori could use some hand posing on his other hand, use the Super Dof tool next time, and if you can’t use photoshop to simulate the effect.

Posing like this really should go in the “I made this when I was bored but I didn’t think it deserved to have a thread - The Thead” thread.

I like the posing. It looks fine to me. In this situation everybody is making small movements.

The posing’s fine to me too. the zombies are posed like zombies, perfectly logical. Grigori doesn’t look completely natural, but I’d wager that’s intentional, since it really suits the comedic mood of the picture.

Still, it’s too random for a whole thread of it’s own

you’re quite bad

this is good. i like it. better than the usual “lol marines” crap around here