Headcrabless Zombie Mod from GMOD9

I remember back in the days of Garry’s Mod 9 someone by the name of “kingofthe” made a mod that removed the headcrabs off of all the zombies. The script consisted of some material files, which when the script was enabled from the menu, the materials would be loaded (at least I think that was how it worked, see as why there were some zombie material files inside the zip) and the headcrabs on the zombies were removed, and the headcrab bodies that dropped off were invisible, it was also made so that on death the headcrab NPCs would never appear.

Even though the file’s been removed since the GMOD.org file inactivity cleanout, the description, I remember said something along the lines of how the script was really simple but he just wanted to make it so that it was available for others. Apparently a friend told me that there was a version for GMOD10 remade but it’s disappeared.

I wonder if it’s the same now, would it be easy to make and can someone make it? I’m sure (not all) but some of us dislike the headcrab zombies. Unless, of course someone happens to have the lost GM10 version.