Headcrabless Zombie Torso Addition

V1 Of My Headcrabless Zombie Torso Is Released, Which You Can Find Here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=87045

The Headcrabless Zombie Torso Is Just An Addition To Rambo_6’s Headcrabless Zombie Pack Found On This Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=518953&page=1 . I Just Made A Bugged Zombie Torso To Go With It. To Find Pictures You Need To Visit The Garrysmod Page Because I Am Too Lazy To Post All The Pictures In This Thread.

70% Goes To Rambo_6 For The Base And 30% Goes To Me For Changing The Model And Writing All The New Sounds And Actions In The Base.

THE BUGS: The Sounds Seem To Not Play At All (Probably Because I Haven’t Typed The Right Sound Names In)

The Attacking Motion Dosen’t Play When It Is Attacking (Again, Haven’t Typed The Right Attacking Motion Either)

Damage Does Inflict But Only If You Stand Perfectly Still And Wait For Him To Stop (Have No Idea Why)

You Can Post Your Ideas Here Or If You Can Help Me With The Sound And Action Problem. Otherwise You Can Just Say How Bad It Is And It Wasn’t Worth Uploading.

Reccomendations: Use This For Nightmare House Remake. Not The Best Thing For It To Work But It Does Make The Map Better.

EDIT: This Is A Release Thread, Not A Dumb Voting Thread. If You Think It’s Dumb Then Don’t Read It.

No offence but you don’t deserve 50% credit
More like 20% credit for you as all you did wasedit some lines of code

i should say the credit should work out like this
rambo_6 90% credit
matthewwebber 10% credit

theres no way you get 50% for editing someones work

Happy Now?

EDIT: I Only Did This So That People Could Enjoy A Zombie Torso. No Need To Start An Argument About How Much Percent I Deserve

EDIT2: I Didn’t Just Change The Scripts, I Changed The Model As Well.

Sigh, why do people still type like that.

Like What Exactly?

A Capital Letter At The Start Of Every Word. It’s a grammatical nightmare :tinfoil:

oh, well in that case i might stop capitalizing everything

Grammar Nazi’s are everywhere :ohdear:

Fine, i’ll type properly, god what is it with all these grammer checker morrons?

and i am going to make a V2 but when i added it to my files it said ERROR: creating npc from non existant base “npc_base”

i’ll try and fix and update the file as soon as i figure out what is wrong with it.

Just a heads up but you’re still not typing properly (this is fun). What is there to put in a V2? A headcrabless fast zombie torso?

actually the fast headcrabless zombie torso is not coming until V3

the V2 is ment to fix the zombie torso’s attack motion and its sound problems. sadly when i tryed it would not spawn because of the npc_base error

I’ve been making a NHr Gmod Pack for garrysmod, I gave credit for who made this or fixed that. I also have a key I made so people who download know why how much credit I give the authors.

seems like this one missed a thing too. The capitalized I.

People from Germany usually do the capitalizing thing. Most Of Their Words Are Capitalized So They Think All Languages Are Like That.

There, I underlined the your mistakes. Oh and you’re calling us morons just for trying to help you?

Sorry, I started reading and voted dumb before I read this. You should move it to the top of your post, because less people will vote dumb if you order them not to.

When did this thread turn into a bump thread? i only wanted to inform people of my new addon. By the way im not making any more updates, steam user “house” has done what i wanted to do already, so go download his instead.

p.s if anyone dares say anything about my grammer, im going to get really pissed off.


And im not from fricken germany!

This turned into a bump thread when you bumped it.

Stop bumping your shit thread.


My post was ironic.