Headcrab's that control you (SNPC)

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make a headcrab sent or something that will act just like a normal headcrab except it jumps on your head and npcs’ heads and controls them and turns them into zombies until you die. And when it controls you it makes that effect from HL2 when you are going through the teleporter and lamar attacks you. Is that possible? Please reply. Thanks! :smile:

P.S. Sorry about the apostrophe in the thread title. I was in a hurry to type this.

this script can turn humanoid npcs to zombies when the headcrabs kill them.

not the player though.

Hmm…I guess it will do for now. But I also think that it would be awesome if someone could make one where it can control players too. Thank you.

Like the jockey? But you would be able to shake it off, Right?

Cause headcrabs can be shaked off :downs:

It would be totally like “Player Possessor” as MELEE weapon… just removable…

Headcrabs can’t be shaken off. Once they have haxed you, there is no going back unless the headcrab decides to jump off or you get your brains blown out by someone else. I’ve seen it in hl2. When in the canals.