Headgear Vision Obstruction!

Pretty self explanatory, I think this should be a thing. Hats obviously wouldn’t do much. maybe they could reduce sunflare. But as for helmets, and radiation suits, I think it’d be pretty cool to have overlays on your view that would simulate that of which you are using. Not entirely realistically, bucket type steel helmets make you all but blind, but definitely wrecking your field of view is a good balance for being a tank to simple weaponry and removing the likelihood of a critical (headshot) attack towards you.

Radiation suits would be like looking through clear tinted plastic, with minor peripheral vision obstruction… I think ghillie/camouflage would be cool too, but as in real life when you cover your head in grass, there’ll be lots of grass in your field of vision and disorienting your depth perception a bit. Stuff like that :smiley:

This: http://files.facepunch.com/garry/2014/July/25/2014-07-25_20-15-00.png


Buckethelm: http://i.imgur.com/oW0gHjh.jpg

Rad suit: http://i.imgur.com/wbaxb0i.jpg

ruff concepts ~

and third person wins!

PFFSH, everyone knows third person is hax and will be received negatively and consequently removed~~~~~!!!

i hope you are right : )

all good but you know people are just not going to wear head gear right?

because visibility is everything.

These “sight limits” have to make an Impact in defense then

Immediately killed my enthusiasm for this… thanks :suicide:

It would be interesting because it would give people another reason to put on and take off head gear in different situations. But third person would have to be removed for it to work and I don’t see that happening.

A simple ‘wipe face’ mechanic could be neat too.

Sprinting with ghille suit on resulting in leafy stuff falling down into face - wipe face
Water drops streaking across rad suit visor - wipe face
Condensation inside gas mask, blood/dirt on sunglasses, etc

Just a simple keypress that performs a predetermined action

The third person camera could have similar vision obstruction; they’d just have to abstract it a bit so that it doesn’t look tacky. Anything that reduces peripheral vision could have a radial blur effect in third person; a ghille suit could have fuzzy shadows shifting around and obscuring some of the third person view

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Sunglasses would be neat actually; a good way to turn looking into the sun into a decent challenge. Sets up gameplay dynamics for raids and whatnot, where the direction of approach will matter more. Sunglasses reduce vision in dark areas, so the downside to wearing them is that you can’t see into the shadows as easily. Craft em out of thin sheets of volcanic obsidian

If wearing full face masks/suits breathing sounds would fit well and have them change depending on physical status (running, idle, in pain etc.)

i like the idea of that noise isolation as well with closed helmet gear. :open_mouth:

I agree with the above posts though, to be honest, if third person persists in the game, I’d rather just see this feature shafted cause it’d be ridiculous trying to make a fitting obstruction system on third person, when you can already see around corners. First person would just have no reason to be used.

Sound obstructions/breathing sounds would be equal per view. This is an interesting concept. Other things could obstruct sound as well, like Gunfire close by temporarily leaving a ringing and such. Or a near explosion. Damage to the head or certain illness types could have vision or sound dampening debuffs.

I love this idea, it should be implement. It is maybe a bit too brave, but this is an independent product.

I think that if you’re wearing a full helmet that protects your entire head and covers your ears, your hearing is echo-y or something. Dampened or something.

Also a filter applied to your voice in game depending on what kind of helmet you have would be cool

I like the idea of vision obstruction and noise muffling. War of the Roses had a vision obstruction 3rd person which worked reasonably well.

This would be great idea! Good Job. Come up with more concept art so the facepunch team can look more into it!

Visibility is everything in rust lol, i honestly don’t think many would use this. it obstructs visibility a ton.
third person i can see being kept, because tons of people actually like third person ( and with all the hackers in the game right now) would it really matter?

there are also ways around third person being implemented permanently, llike have the option to disable and enable it, on a server (admin) of course.

the headgear idea, neat and yes for a more immersive experience but it’s more for fun and just not logical.

I’m just imagining the Oculus support with this feature… To good to be true if you ask me!