Headhack Request

I’m asking if anyone if willing to do a small hack for me, the hack includes
-Adding 2 additional heads to a model, nothing else.
-The heads that needs to be added are the 2 balaclava heads.
-The balaclavas should be added to this model.
-The balaclavas are from Simkas’ russian soldiers.


PM me for link with the models that need the balaclavas

Link to Simkas’ russians


Bumping a post after a day is the equivalent of a homeless man poking his head through your car window to beg, rather than just sitting by the street holding a sign :v:

Seriously though, wait a little longer next time. If I’m not too busy this weekend, I may be able to get to it though.

i’ll do it, send me the files and i’ll have it done soon