Headhack-Resizing Model

So I’m performing a head hack at the moment and everything is just fine so far. It compiles perfectly and everything. However, I realized to late that my ragdoll was to short.

Is there a way I can easily make him taller without having to redo all of the flexes, eyes, ect?

You should contact good ol’ LT_C on this matter.
He’s working on a method to allow people to do exactly this.

Well you could always just make the legs and torso slightly longer, as long as the head is correctly scaled.

Alternatively there’s a scaler program that scales everytyhing including VTA’s

I’ve had good success moving and scaling things in Blender, face flexes and all, though they have to be loaded in while you’re doing it and re-exported out after you’re done.

You can scale\move\rotate body mesh as you want, just don’t touch the head.