Headhacked Barney w/Civilian Heads and MCPD printed on Chest & Back

I need someone to swap the head of the Barney Model with each Civilian (not rebel) head, and with MCPD printed along their chest and back. I’d also appreciate it if male5 and 7 had black caps (facing forward) and 4 and 6 with black tuques and earpieces. I also need them with face/eye/finger posing.

Need these for a comic I’m making, and I have no idea how to make models/skins. That stuff is over my head.

I could do it today and easily post it in filefront/gmod download just give the texture to you.
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=49637 is the metro cop with the preheadhacked model by purvisdavid2.

I’ll have to mod the skin of barney and metro cop for now.

Thanks bro. You can take as long as you want since I’m pretty busy for the next couple days.