Headhacking attempt: multiple questions

I wanted to try headhacking out so I decided to headhack the Brotherhood of Steel ragdoll (of this pack http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=65891) Finally managed to succesfully remove the helmet, and placed a citizens head there. But then I got destracted so shut 3ds down (saved ofcourse) and when I loaded it back up it was at the default spot.

What should I do? Should I freeze it? Group it?

Also is there anything ealse I have to do when the head is finally at the correct spot. (not editing the .qc I know I have to do that)

And I persume for the female one I should just decompile female_01.mdl. Am I right?

Oh yea, how do I make him face poseable (and if not working yet/anymore) fingerposable?

What was at default spot? What default spot are you talking about?

The default spot when its imported, so the spot where it appears when you import it for the first time.

Right… I think It’s fixed so I’m trying to compile it. But in studio MDL I get this error:

Error: too many indices in source

After I googled it I bumped into this thread:

Since the solution there was trying to compile in GUI Studio MDL I tried that but then I get this error:

Created command line: "E:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\dakarun\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\studiomdl.exe" -game "e:\program files\steam\steamapps\dakarun\half-life 2 episode two\ep2" -i -nop4 -nox360 "E:\Users\Jasper\Documents\3dsmax\scenes\headhacking\powerarmor bos\mdldecompiler.qc"

qdir:    "e:\users\jasper\documents\3dsmax\scenes\headhacking\powerarmor bos\"
gamedir: "e:\program files\steam\steamapps\dakarun\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\"
g_path:  "E:\Users\Jasper\Documents\3dsmax\scenes\headhacking\powerarmor bos\mdldecompiler.qc"
Building binary model files...
Working on "mdldecompiler.qc"
SMD MODEL E:\Users\Jasper\Documents\3dsmax\export/bos_powerarmor_male_01.smd
SMD MODEL E:\Users\Jasper\Documents\3dsmax\export/ragdoll.smd
SMD MODEL E:\Users\Jasper\Documents\3dsmax\export/phymodel.smd
ERROR: cannot find bone ValveBiped.Bip01_L_Toe0 for bbox
ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'dakarun/bos_powerarmor_male_01.mdl'

On the episode 2 compile and on the episode one engine the same thing.

So how do I let it find that bone/add it, or how can I fix the error in Studiocompiler?

Right, finally compiled it, and got it in game and what a suprise: More errors. Why don’t you guys have a look :smiley:



So yea, how do I rig it up correctly, get all the male skins to work with this, fix the eyes etc?

It just looks like you’ll need to get better at rigging the bones to the desired locations, it’s just a process we all go through I guess…

Also MS3D is good for all that rigging shit… It’s pretty cheap too. ($25).

Oh I lawl’d.

Rated funny :neckbeard: