Headhacking Request

So, I’ve been trying to head hack two models, but to no avail whenever I attempt to solve a problem, it leads to another. I really have no experience in models so I really need help in this.

Few of the problems are the flexes for the face. It’s really…buggy. It would go to far or even not move at all. I’ve tested both models (by decompiling them) to check if it was it’s fault but it worked fine when I tested it on the model viewer. Is it because of the qc file? I’ve tried to tweaked that around but still have problems.

So I have a request, if anyone can get group03/male_08 model’s body and rusty’s head together with full facial flex. I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s a link of both those models/materials

Keeping the flexes on headhacked models is actually alot more difficult than you’d think, also is the flex file (vta) the one for the model who’s head it is or the body’s head?

I think the first time it was the male_08 but then I changed to the other one. However, does the .qc file have anything to do with flexes?

Yes you must have the right one referenced in the QC with all the flex details (usually copied from the original’s qc) for it to work.

Edit: Theres ones for male_06 in the SDK but they’re split into qci files, whereas in the originals there all in the qc.

Okay…this might be odd, but when I tested it out in Model Viewer, and when I tried out a random animation, the head mesh and body mesh weren’t connected. I’m guessing I did something wrong in the 3Ds Max part :S

Did you rig the head to the head bone? (The head bone being something like “Valve.Biped01_Head”). Also if you want it to look around right you’ll need the neck rigged to the neck bone (“Valve.Biped01_Neck”)

Thanks for the tips, however I’m getting more problems after that…

When Im compiling it together I get this error
ERROR: Eyelid “lower_right” neutral out of range (±0.5)
I just made the lower_right and lieft at 0 at the moment until it could get resolved

There’s a bone called ValveBiped Foward, it seems like an odd bone that only moves the face but not the entire head. Even though I do have Valve.Biped01_Head1 (Moves the entire head) It might be the cause of a later issue I’m going to explain…

When everything is compiled and I open it in Model Viewer…it shows up as this…

Anyone knows what the issue is?

Looks to me you missed some verticies when you were rigging it and the nech problems looks like you’ve rigged to much of it to the neck bone, you only need the actual neck from the top of the shoulders (not including the shoulders) to the bit under the chin (and possibly slighly further up at the back of the neck for a more fluid look when moved). Also I have no idea what the Valve.Biped01_foward bone is for as it is never rigged to anything (and only Valve’s actual models have them due to this).

So as you can tell, I’m new to all this. Exactly how can you fix the verticies? I have a 3ds max trial if that helps.

Plus is it a bit wrong if the spine and neck is all the way back? Like it’s not in the center of the body but more behind than front/.