Headless people being dead.


Yes I already know about the blood, I’m not the best at editing it.

Loled at the title. Everything is pretty good except the blood, it looks like a fume.

Its more like the soldier’s soul is coming out of his body, but it looks cool.

Hairy tentacle blood. :v:

Just kidding, looks pretty good.

Why the fuck does he has a shield and a sword. This does not fit the tf2 theme at all. rated dumb.

You obviously haven’t seen the new update. Rating you dumb.

Nice work other than the blood of course :v:

You sir, are a moron or you have absolutely no interest in TF2.
On topic. I really like the eye editing.

Lol “Headless people being dead” :v:
Nice picture but the blood looks more like a soul.

oh god your avatar…

how did you make it animated? mine doesn’t work

also about the picture:really nice i like it

It’s not mine. It’s from someone else who made it into avatar form. but yes, the avatar upload is very weird. I think you need to use Firefox.

i AM using firefox

hmm… i don’t know. Try maybe putting in the URL instead of uploading it from your computer? or did you try that?