Headlight Vote thread

Today’s devblog mentioned an interesting new piece of headware FP was considering called a headlight (essentially a miner’s helmet). Which do you think is best?

It’s not my first choice for actual implementation but #2 cracks me up every time.


That’s how I feel too. I love that one. It’s got the same sense of humor attached to it as the new rad-suit piece with the snake sock.

Edit – 3 is close enough that I’d be happy. It’s still silly and fun, but not quite as ridiculous.

crap ment to vote for 5 but hit 4 and hit vote with out checking… grrr

Unless the Newman likes hotwax poured on him during a sexual act, I don’t think 2 would work.

Well, IMO it should be a progression starting from #1 or #4 (if #4 has a lid with hole punched for the wick) and continuing to #5 (taking a battery), and then #6 (taking some kind of fuel). Those are the only practical designs that I see, as the other two (#2 & #3) would just drip hot wax on your head/face.

I think #2 & #3 are hilarious to look at, but can’t see anyone actually using these as a means for survival. And #4 would need a lid on the top with a hole punched for the wick, or else it would just spill hot wax on your head like #2 and #3.

Then you can give them different levels of lighting with #1 or #4 giving off a softer glow like a candle would all around the player. Then #5 giving you a stronger light focused at the area you are looking at only. And finally #6 giving off a strong light like a lantern in all directions around the player.

Number two can work if the candle is an electric fake candle like ones used for xmas and the wax is just a plastic mould.
I think a combination of number three and five, use the strap and the lamp, this way you can wear it even with Protective Head Gear, all you have to do is strap it on.

5, assuming the light would actually shine ahead in game. Would be interesting light effects while melee fighting at night.

Why do the conservatives always lead in the votes.

Omg #2 all the way

I am wondering why we would want to turn ourselves into target beacons?

the newman LOVES hot wax.

Is #2 reusable? Does it pop off like Lego hair after it dries? So many questions!

#5 fits perfectly IMO (pun intended). Maybe adding batteries that can be salvaged from old world remnants/ruins. Or just run off of low-quality fuel.

#6 Runs off of brain power if anyone is asking. Wouldn’t be a very efficient light source – for some. :zoid:

#1 and #4. Have fun slow-walking around like an idiot trying not to get wax/fuel spilled on your face. If they add these they need to add a minute lose of health every time you sprint or shoot a gun. (1HP per eyebrow burnt off?.. Maybe?)

5 Could be fuel powered you know. Old time Miners used variations.

#2 and #5. both with variable light levels so the candle is easy to make and emits a small amount of light, the hat and lamp harder to make(or power) but considerably more light