Heads up for everyone

So, just to be a nice guy I am going to post a heads up for everyone.

About 2 hours ago I spoke to an old friend of mine with whom I used to code c++ with. I quit it, but he went on with it and always kept telling me how he wanted to create a game. So today, he asked me if I want to beta test his new game. At first, I said no since I play EvE Online alot where you get seriously paranoid. But as he posted the link and I was seriously bored, I figured why not just try it… The download link was rapidshare for your information. Anyways, I went through the files and looked at them. It could look like a game, since it had alot of ui images, proper files, etc. Ran the launcher, nothing happened. Being paranoid, I went into my processes and looked. This weird process was showing up and I closed it. It kept on appearing. I went to the source of the file and deleted it totally. The file was recreated. All of a sudden, my mice begins to move and type aeraefsdg. I’m now sure that this was a backdoor of some kind, and restarted my pc. It didn’t help, and I soon figured out that the my old friend was not my real old friend, as his account had already been hacked aswell.
A google search of the filename of the virus showed results up with people experiencing the EXACT same thing with a friend asking about beta testing a game, etc.

So far, all I’ve lost is my email and my steam account. Tried to recover as much as possible.

Edit: I have a feeling people are going to say, so is this facepunch account hacked aswell? No, it is not.

Ouch, Get steam support and say you’ve been hacked and call them, They’ll get your Account back but specifically say that to send it to your other hotmail (which you’ll create.)

I already did, but he’ll probably get me VAC-banned, meaning I can wave goodbye to all my valve games.

If you contacted them quick enough, they freeze your account, so whether he got you vac’d after contacting support doesn’t matter.

I was expecting the OP to be complaining about getting scammed on one of those fake steam community sites.
This is quite informative, thank you for the heads up.

Scanning didn’t catch it, I’ll assume?

It didn’t, I ran a AVG scan just to make sure.

Update by the way: Managed to get my email again. Have yet to get steam to answer my ticket.