WHen working on a pose the other day I realised how frustrating it is to have to deflate entire bodies when you wan’t to put, say, rebel heads on soldier bodies! So can someone make a pack of rebel and citizen heads without their bodies? It would be great for just putting where you want it to be on bodies with deflated heads!

I’m sure it could be done but i’m not sure if you can do faceposing as easily then (or at all).

How come?

Positioning and dividing skeletons, If I knew how to get that working (the dividing/copying skeletons part) I could probberly do it, alas I don’t.

Well that sucks, as recent as today my GMOD crashed when I deflated a ragdoll to oblivion to fit his head on another body! Was the last ragdoll I was gonna pose before I was going to take the screenshot too!

Damn all thoes zombies took ages to pose… :’(

Thats why I save as I go, means there still there posed later if it crashes (though my GMod crashes when saving now :S)

I usually do that aswell but you knwo how it is when you’re really concentrated and forget it! Wouldn’t be a problem if GMOD wasn’t so damn unstable!

I’m not sure if this would be possible to do as a prop. I think I’m going to do a test or something, though.

[editline]Nah, it crashed.[/editline]
Nah, it crashed.


What if it’s made as a really small ragdoll? Where the the joint is where the head and the neck connects?

Already said about the bone chain dividing, i’ve not yet found any way you can do it :S though you can delete everything but the root and the bones you want from the root, I was gonna try that but my Trial ran out ¬.¬

I heard face posing works without the bones, but you still have to include the male animation files for it to work, but I haven’t figured out how to do that correctly yet so for now it’s just meh.

Aww man, looks like I’m stuck with the Inflator tool then! >.<

I can export the heads as a prop, but no face posing. :v:



Stop being silly, everybody’s Gmod crashes when saving.

Um, I bought my GMod ages ago, when I got steam infact, as that was the reason I got it as my friend wanted me to join him on GMod ^^ (tbh thats kinda rude)

Mine doesn’t! Also, if you can’t facepose them it’s not worth it… Looks like I’m gonna have to sit tight untill someone hacks the rebel heads onto the PMC’s! And not like tagg’s with those big ugly wtf helmets. hint hint